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Universal Economics is published by Paul Macrae Montgomery and is devoted to independent and unique capital markets research that is original in theory and valuable in practice. Universal Economics explores the non-rational aspects of the capital markets through the development of intriguing new theories and original analysis of traditional ones. We examine Fundamental, Cyclic, Monetary, Technical, Psychological, and Economic factors. These various elements are combined into a unique, unequivocal-yet very practical and hopefully very profitable-synthesis. Our attention is focused on the Bond and Stock markets with occasional attention given to the commodity and currency markets.

Recent issues have highlighted the Triune Brain Theory, King's Law of Prices, the Dionysian/Apollonian Approach Equivalency, our own Magazine Cover Indicator, and a thorough analysis of the Housing Market.

Research is provided weekly by email or fax, with special transmissions as needed. Unlimited telephone consulting is included in the cost of the subscription.

Recent Sample

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Recent Issue
Recent Issue #2

Often requested back-issues:
The Nature of the Investment Problem
Anomalous Part A
Anomalous Part B
Financial Engineering: Bullish for Now; Bearish for Later
Birth and Death of the Great Bull Market in Bonds
Classical Philosophy and the Capital Markets
Short Selling
Nature of Value
Hemlines and Sunspots (update)
King's Law

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Universal Economics is not published by Montgomery Capital Management, LLC.  Please contact for sample issues and subscription information.